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There are so many alternative therapies out there when it comes to the treatment of acne that deciding on just one can be very difficult. Google brings back millions of results on the subject so there is a lot of info to get through.This site is one of the best sites that you can go to to get relevant acne information.

Keeping the treatment as simple as possible is important – you want to reduce the appearance and the incidence of acne. A great herbal healer is Arnica oil, reinforced with Tea Tree extract.

Mix it yourself or look out for it at the natural treatment aisle of the grocery store. If you are doing it yourself, use pure Arnica oil with no preservatives. Get a good quality Tea Tree oil as well.

If the acne is very severe, Lavender oil can increase the healing power of the blend tremendously. It is best not to add anymore oils – Tea Tree doesn’t blend with many.

Arnica is a healer and will help with the pain of the acne as well as in bringing down the swelling. It also helps skin that has been bruised.

For an anti-bacterial agent, it is difficult to go wrong when using Tea Tree oil. This oil is very effective at wiping out the bacteria that cause acne. The Lavender will reinforce this action but all promote skin renewal.

Lavender should be in anyone’s first aid kit. Applied neat to the spots, it can help get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Add in around twenty drops of each essential oil to a cupful of arnica – all of these oils can be applied to the skin neat so there is no danger of burning the skin. Apply daily after cleansing.

After you have let it settle into the skin, you do need to get rid of any that is not absorbed – use a tissue or a face cloth for this. Follow up with a day cream or night cream only if your skin really needs them.

Arnica tablets are a good alternative to getting the health benefits of arnica. You normally keep these under the tongue till they dissolve. (Before food, if possible.)

Referto the package insert or box to check what the ideal dosage would be. In some acute cases, you take the pills every half an hour or hour.

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